Tanner Lovelace (clubjuggler) wrote,
Tanner Lovelace

Paul Simon is the man!

So, apparently last weekend at a Paul Simon concert, a fan named Rayna Ford yelled out a song she wanted Paul to play. Now, there’s nothing unusual about that. Fans at concerts do that all the time. Rayna however, also added that she had learned to play the guitar on the particular song she was requesting. What makes this story awesome, though, is what Paul Simon did then. He actually invited her up on stage, gave her his guitar, and had her play the song! How totally awesome is that? See the video Once she gets over the shock of being invited on stage, then being handed Paul Simon’s guitar, then having him encourage her to play the song, and then realizing that the rest of the band is playing along with her (!) she manages a pretty decent rendition of the song (or so I assume, since I’ve never actually heard the song before). Anyway, that’s got to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. Mad props to Paul Simon for making one fan’s day!

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Tags: music

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