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alchemist July 21 2014, 12:31

Playlist and Mix for 2014-07-20

Media Files Available at Alchemist In The Evening.

Another week, another mix, and while I don’t know where this one came from, I can dance to it, and hope you can too.

Artist – Title – Album – Time
M|A|R|R|S – Pump Up The Volume (UK 12″ Mix) – Pump Up The Volume – 5:08
David Bowie – I’m Afraid Of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 Mix) – Earthling – 5:28
Daft Punk – Derezzed – TRON: Legacy – 1:44
Ministry – N.W.O. – Psalm 69 – 5:31
Billy Idol – Heroin – Cyberpunk – 6:57
AWOLNATION – Sail – Megalithic Symphony – 4:19
Abney Park – I Am Stretched On Your Grave – Lost Horizons – 4:32
Pink Floyd – Dogs Of War – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason – 6:11
How To Destroy Angels – Ice Age (deadmau5 Remix) – while(1<2) – 6:52
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting – Hounds Of Love – 5:10
Nouvelle Vague – Blister In The Sun – Bridesmaids Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – 3:15
N.E.R.D. – Rock Star – In Search Of… – 4:20

taz_39 July 20 2014, 21:55

Houston, TX Week 2

I treated Monday just like a train run; that is, I didn't go anywhere or do anything of import. It was a day of laundry, cleaning, reading, and napping. And backing up my computer as I planned to reinstall the OS.

Sadly for me, when I went hunting for a copy of Windows 7 on Tuesday, it was not to be found anywhere in stores. I could either have it mailed and wait another week, or install Windows 8.1. Being impatient I went out and bought 8.1. Installation was very easy and smooth, but right after it was finished my screen went black. After 3-4 hours of trying to figure out the problem, the frustration was too much. Jameson came over to help me out. 5-6 hours later (around 2am), we had determined that it was a conflict with the graphics driver, but we were unable to fix the problem using any logical conventional means. Poor Jameson worked so hard to fix it. What a trooper! We went to sleep exhausted and frustrated.

The next day after calling both Microsoft and Intel and getting nowhere, I asked our bass player Jerome to take a look. Jerome has vast knowledge on many different subjects, and when it comes to computers and their maintenance/repair, he's the go-to guy here at the circus. He figured out that my BIOs was outdated, and once it had been updated he was able to reinstall the graphics driver, and just like that my computer was back to normal!

I am one of those holdouts who still prefers PCs over Macs. But this whole experience was ridiculous. One more episode like this and I might make the switch. To be fair, the problem was with Dell's components. But somewhere along the way, either Microsoft, Intel or Dell should have run a compatibility check and notified customers of the exact updates needed for at least the most standard equipment.

In any case, now that I've had time to actually work with Windows 8 I think it's pretty cool. Basically the Desktop has become the Start Menu, and you can install apps to it like you would on a tablet. It's actually very similar to the XBox Dashboard. The normal Windows Desktop still exists, but personally, I'm more inclined to keep everything on the new Start menu. Some of my favorite features include the Bing News app in which I was able to customize my own newspaper, and the ability to install apps just as you would on a tablet and have them display information instantly on startup. Speaking of startup, I notice an increased speed there and on overall function as well. Best of all, if you right-click on the Start menu button, you'll immediately get Task Manager and all of the other wonderful system tools that Microsoft tended to bury in previous versions.

Anyway, that's my opinion on that :P The next day (Thursday) we had a split. I brought my PC to the building to reinstall all of my things. There was no internet in the dressing room, so I set up near the elephant compound to work. While waiting for some updates, I noticed that Siam was having a blast with some toys :)
Thanks to Jimmy for permission to take pics!

Super cute~<3

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indigo_rose99 July 19 2014, 18:06

Children on a plane

I sat down in my aisle seat to watch a huge wave of babies and children walk past. They seemed to far outnumber the adults walking at the same pace.

*auditory hallucinations of the crying children making the plane engine sound inaudible*

I don't think my headphones are up to this challenge...

So I hear of the rumors of bicycle seats, I saw United's new ludicrous (enforced!) personal item size policy, Philippines Airlines ludicrous (enforced! ) carryon weight limit policy.... Where do I pay a fee guaranteeing no children under age 7 within 5 rows of me?! This seems like an obvious and easy airline squeeze on the consumer!
indigo_rose99 July 19 2014, 17:36

More sleep, please. Can I get it togo?

It was 5 all too brief weeks at home. I got to sleep, do a zombie run, get a massage, take naps, wear clothes I don't travel with, get 2 pedis, not wash my underwear in the sink every day, sleep, have a cooking contest against my husband (I won!), pet the cat, wear different shoes every day, get over a bad cold (flu?) and finally get over what my doctor called food poisoning.

Would totally do it again. Next time, though, I think I'd get more sleep.

I'm on the road again. One week in California teaching, then 2 weeks in the Philippines. The positive thoughts begin here.

I get to see friends in California. I get to sleep a lot this week in California, since I won't have coworkers forcing me into 18 hour days.

Right, slipped into the bad thoughts there.

Weather in Ca should be nice. It will spoil me for Tx and Philippines.

I'm flying business class on the international leg. I plan on sleeping. Me and the drugs. It will be lovely. Plus I'm arriving in Manila early Sunday. So I should have time to unpack, grocery shop, and still get enough sleep to make me happy. I know jet lag will kill part of that, but I can dream.

Ok, yeah, I'm on a sleep kick. I can live with 6 hours a night here and there. It is 4-6 hours a night every night for 2 weeks that kicked my butt last time. I fought for more time, but unsuccessfully.

I packed a travel guide for Manila. If I find a good activity, perhaps I can avoid work for most of the weekend I'm there. *optimistic thoughts*
spacefem July 19 2014, 16:24

dealing with changes

My etsy shop is still clicking along at around 100 orders a month. This means that several times a year, I'm ordering shipping supplies... labels, envelopes. I order envelopes from different ebay sources every time because I like to make it fun and change up my colors, but the labels I only buy from valuemailers because I trust them, I've ordered ones that weren't as easy to pull off or got stuck in the printer and it's awful. So I stick with what I know.

My latest order though... they're still good, but something changed. They're stickier to pull off the backing somehow, maybe they feel thicker.

Immediately my engineering side wants to kick in as soon as I get these..."WHAT CHANGED?"


then I calm down and realize I'm shipping craft supplies.

it messes with you, engineering. we do not like risk. or change. it burns us. IT BURNS.

someone, somewhere at value mailers changed suppliers and I will never know why because I'm really not that big a customer to them... okay. I can deal.
alchemist July 14 2014, 12:34

Playlist and Mix for 2014-07-13

Media Files Available at Alchemist In The Evening.

Back from another trip, and very exited about the mix this week. Did I dance like a fool in my office while mastering it? Yes. Was it awesome? Yes. Will you enjoy it? Hope so!

Artist – Title – Album – Time
The Alchemist – In The Evening 2014-07-13 Intro – In The Evening 2014 – 0:23
Nine Inch Nails – Survivalism (deadmau5 Remix) – while(1<2) – 3:38
Bauhaus – Third Uncle – The Sky’s Gone Out – 5:19
Jane’s Addiction – Ted, Just Admit It – Nothing’s Shocking – 7:22
Ayria – Hunger – Hunger – 4:46
Firebeatz – Where’s Your Head At (Original Mix) – Where’s Your Head At – 5:18
Incubus – Pardon Me – Make Yourself – 3:44
The Alchemist – In The Evening 2014-07-13 Midpoint – In The Evening 2014 – 0:48
Drowning Pool – Sinner – Sinner – 2:27
Body Count – Institutionalized 2014 – Manslaughter – 3:46
Avail – Pink Houses – Dixie – 3:18
Iggy Pop – Lust for Life – Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy – 5:14
Gnarls Barkley – Gone Daddy Gone/I Just Want To Make Love To You – St. Elsewhere – 2:28
System of a Down – Chop Suey! – Toxicity – 3:30
Moby – Bodyrock – Play – 3:37
The Alchemist – In The Evening 2014-07-13 Exit – In The Evening 2014 – 0:58
A Perfect Circle – People Are People (Live) – Three Sixty – 3:45

taz_39 July 13 2014, 15:12

Houston, TX 2014 Week 1 - Queeeeeeen

The train run from San Antonio was short. We are in a new yard this year!

As soon as we were spotted I took my bike outside. We're going to be here for three weeks, so I'm looking forward to some rides. I rode it up and down the yard just to remember how to turn and stuffs.

Evidence that the circus has been here in the past:
a bridge across the moat under the overpass so people can reach the grocery ;)

A homeless person has camped out under this pass.

On Tuesday Jameson got us a rental car! We went for lunch at a Mexican joint, then to Target and Fiesta for groceries. Fiesta is pretty awesome. They're like a normal grocery, only with larger-than-normal International Foods sections. You can buy imports from the UK, Germany, India, Mexico, Jamaica, and other awesome places! In addition to the normal foods, I got cactus fruit (also called tuna) and candy coated fennel seeds.

The biggest excitement for me this week was going to my first-ever rock concert!
Jameson and I got floor seats to see Queen + Adam Lambert on Wednesday!
(The price on the ticket isn't what I paid, as I got these through StubHub)

Our seats (yellow circle). Pretty good!

Well, before the concert, we stopped for dinner at Azuma Sushi. I got a "saketini" and the pink lady dragon roll, and Jameson got the key lime martini and a Philadelphia/Peppercorn tuna and salmon combo.

And then we went to see Queen.
Because we had floor seats, we were able to see the gear close up.

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spacefem July 7 2014, 15:09

Spacefem Presents: The Generic Woman Leader "Having It All" Article

Dear readers: About 50 times a year, this article gets tweeted around the working women circles for us to ponder. Okay not this exact article. But basically, this article. I've now read it so many times I can write it myself. I'm hoping to get published in The Atlantic.

Hi. I'm a working woman.

When I started my career out of college, I had nothing but stars in my eyes. I was going to run the world. I was going to climb the corporate ladder. I LOVED ladders! None of those aluminum fold-away ones for me, no sir, it was only the ones that went STRAIGHT TO THE TOP.

I quickly ascended the ranks, crushing the balls of all who opposed me. Then at 35 I realized ZOMG BABIES. I had to have babies. Dozens of them. Something clicked in me that I never saw coming. I started cranking out as many babies as possible, buying kegs of sperm off craigslist, grabbing babies off store shelves, every woman must have babies!

That's when I realized all the mistakes I'd made. I was surrounded by babies, working 160 hours a week as CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and I realized: I was trying to have it all. Yes. Work, AND a family.

Whyyyyy didn't anyone tell me that I couldn't have it all?! I mean, when a man graduates from college, he's already heard 5,000 times "just remember you can't have it all!" right? With that knowing wink? People keep it, like, a total secret from women! We never see stock photos of frazzled moms in heels screaming into their mobile phones while burning dinner! We're not raised in a society that constantly reminds us that the world is a scary place where we will lose our minds!

I totally hate my life now. It was really easy to just suddenly make $500,000 a year, but let me tell you now it is just so damn inconvenient! We need to focus more on women like me with problems, real problems! I blame those goddamn pushy feminists always telling us to work work work. They acted like they were speaking on behalf of women who had no choice but to work, but let's be honest, poor women's lives must be super easy compared with mine now.

Women, you can't have it all! If you get an MBA, you are trying to have it all! If you apply for a promotion when you're 25, you don't even know how your life will be when you MUST HAVE BABIES, you are trying to have it all! Be afraid of the future! Don't let those pushy bitches tell you to find a job you love, it will totally backfire! Find a job you hate! Then hate your life, and try to get a man who will support you to "lean out" of this crazy rat race while he seeks out a rewarding career and you surf pinterest for diet fads all day. You were given a brain for... well I don't know why. Don't use it too much ladies, it'll only make you miserable!

Disclaimer: This isn't real. I'm not a CEO, I'm an electrical engineer. l lead a team of about 10 people. I have two daughters who are cool, I work about 45 hours a week and like my job, I'm happy.

spacefem July 5 2014, 21:22

kids sewing pattern hell

I sew all the time, but lately I've been running into an awful fact: it is really hard to measure kids for a sewing pattern. It's hard enough to measure an adult, but with the kids patterns there is WAY more variation, and to make it worse, the pattern companies are not helping. at all.

Last year I sewed my 3-year-old a bunny costume from a simplicity pattern. The size was way off, it was for kids but even the smallest size was too big, it was HUGE on her, way too long, dragging on the floor, we had to sew/pin it up all over the place, totally weird. But she loves it and I figure she can wear it for a while.

This year I wanted to make my 1-year-old a sheep costume. mccall's patterns were on sale at joann's and I liked 6105

I was like okay, lesson learned from last year, get the size right! Usually you buy a pattern and it contains sizes 1-4 or something, so I vowed to lay it all out and measure the heck out of the pieces to make sure they'd line up with parts of by kid.

BUT guess what... this pattern contains one size and one size only.

And you buy the size based on only a breast and waist measurement - every inch difference is a size you go up.

This is a baby! She's like 80% squishy fat, how the hell am I supposed to get a waist measurement within 1 inch when I know full well that the most important thing about this pattern is to not have it too long and dragging on the floor? I want a length measurement, somewhere!

I started to grab a size, tear open the pattern, and unfold the whole damn thing in the store so I could measure. I mean I can easily measure the distance between her shoulders and the floor, and there's a pattern piece that makes that run, that's what I'd like to know the length of! But of course that piece was buried, because the package includes the pieces to make an entire zoo of baby costumes (in that ONE size). So I said fuck it and walked out.

Seriously McCall's, waist measurement of my baby within 1 inch? really? has anyone designing these pattern packages ever seen a baby?

I give up. I'll just make a big rectangle out of fur with arm holes and call it good. boooo.


I had a promising exchange this morning with @McCallPatternCo on twitter in which they informed me to simply contact customer service with my query. I almost had to backtrack this whole rant to say sorry, because they're right I should contact them directly before smack-talking on the internet like a crazy person right?

So I emailed them a polite inquiry about the finished length of this pattern, and quickly received this response:

> Thank you for your email concerning McCall Patterns. Whenever possible we try
> to provide our home sewers with the information they desire. Regrettably no.
> You will need to use the measurement chart to determine the size; toddlers are
> size according to chest and waist.
> Cordially,
> Laurie

Well that went well.

Well McCalls, I also work for a big company so I know sometimes the social media folks and customer service department don't exactly sit by each other, so no harm done. But you did get my hopes up.

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